Coastal change under NGO spotlight at Iceland conference
The Third Arctic NGO Forum Workshop will be held as part of the Arctic Circle Conference which kicks off in Reykjavik, Iceland, this weekend.
Wednesday 29 Oct 2014
Organisers of the Arctic NGO Forum partnering again
Ecorys and GRID-Arendal, facilitators of the Arctic NGO Forum, are partnering in the "Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment of development of the Arctic", another project supported by the Eu ...
Tuesday 02 Jul 2013
Second Arctic NGO Forum Workshop to be held in Brussels
The Arctic NGO Forum will hold its second annual workshop from 16 to 18 October 2013 in Brussels (Belgium).
Friday 28 Jun 2013
Arctic shipping - about a few 'conventional wisdoms' and the Polar Code
In two separate blog posts, Antoine Kedzierski, policy officer for clean shipping at Transport and Environment, addresses two issues important to Arctic shipping. In his first post he considers ...
Friday 10 May 2013
More concrete solutions for soot in the Arctic needed, says Bellona
Ministers of the Arctic Council Wednesday concluded a meeting devoted to the effects of black carbon – or soot – accruing on the Arctic icecap, which absorbs solar radiation, causes melting and ...
Friday 08 Feb 2013
Time for Arctic Leadership on Black Carbon
Arctic nations have an extraordinary opportunity to show global leadership to slow regional warming and melting by embracing a proposal to launch talks on an agreement to reduce emissions of the ...
Friday 01 Feb 2013
European lawmakers decide against a moratorium on Arctic drilling
This draft law replaces the EU's current patchwork of laws and practices for offshore drilling activities and is aimed at preventing accidents such as the Deepwater Horizon oil spill which occur ...
Thursday 11 Oct 2012
Arctic Oil and Gas Development - Challenges and Prospects
To be held just before the meeting of Senior Arctic Officials meeting in Haparanda, Sweden, the Arctic Oil and Gas Development - Challenges and Prospects Workshop will bring together environment ...
Friday 21 Sep 2012
EU releases updated communication on the Arctic
The European Commission (EC) has issued the European Union's updated communication on the Arctic. The two-part report proposes steps for the EU's constructive engagement in the Arctic and review ...
Friday 10 Aug 2012
Arctic NGO Forum sets common goals and objectives
20 January 2012 - the first meeting of the Arctic NGO forum took place in Arendal, Norway, where participating organisations concerned with Arctic environmental issues met to help shape the Foru ...
Monday 30 Jan 2012
Britain will investigate impact of Arctic 'oil and gas gold rush'
A British parliamentary committee plans to probe the potential environmental impact of Polar nations moving to exploit their Arctic resources.
Tuesday 10 Jan 2012
Ozone Hole above the Arctic Largest Ever recorded
The hole that appeared in the Earth's protective ozone layer above the Arctic in 2011 was the largest recorded in the northern hemisphere, though the sudden appearance of the hole was not due to ...
Tuesday 10 Jan 2012
Shock as retreat of Arctic sea ice releases methane
Dramatic and unprecedented plumes of methane – a greenhouse gas 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide – have been seen bubbling to the surface of the Arctic Ocean by scientists un ...
Wednesday 14 Dec 2011
Arctic settles into new phase - warmer, greener, and with less ice
An international team of scientists who monitor the rapid changes in the Earth’s northern polar region say that the Arctic is entering a new state – one with warmer air and water tem ...
Thursday 01 Dec 2011
Arctic sea ice loss "unprecedented", says Nature study
Arctic sea ice is disappearing on a pace and magnitude unlike anything the Earth has experienced in the past 1,450 years, according to a Canadian-led study published in the leading science journ ...
Friday 25 Nov 2011
Arctic Futures Symposium: Discussing Challenges and Solutions for the Arctic Region
On October 14th & 15th, the European Parliament hosted the Arctic Futures Symposium, an event organized by the International Polar Foundation in collaboration with the Aspen Institute and the Pr ...
Tuesday 18 Oct 2011
New Arctic NGO Forum on environmental issues launched
19th September 2011 - The image of a frozen, timeless Arctic is being dramatically altered by each new scientific study that comes out, replaced by a new reality of rapid change. Governments are ...
Monday 19 Sep 2011

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No Arctic summit in Finland after all
No Arctic summit in Finland after all Finland, which in 2017 takes over the chair in the Council, has decided to abandon plans for an Arctic summit as part of its chairmanship period. May 17, 2016
17 May 2016 |
How a warming Arctic threatens one shorebird at the other end of its migration
How a warming Arctic threatens one shorebird at the other end of its migration What's happening to red knots is a reminder of why youngsters should eat well to grow big and strong. For these shorebirds that fly global marathons every year, ...
16 May 2016 |
Even for the fast-melting Arctic, 2016 is in 'uncharted territory'
Even for the fast-melting Arctic, 2016 is in 'uncharted territory' One of the oldest and best-established ideas about global warming is that it will hit the Arctic the hardest, and the theory seems to be proving itself out, now mo ...
16 May 2016 |
Despite recent oil company departures, the Chukchi Sea still holds potential for major finds
Despite recent oil company departures, the Chukchi Sea still holds potential for major finds Shell’s exit from the Chukchi Seamarks the end of the most recent Arctic offshore exploration program in the region. But the rocks under theChukchi ...
15 May 2016 |
Across much of the Arctic, a thawing landscape is sinking
Across much of the Arctic, a thawing landscape is sinking Because ice makes up a good portion of the underground foundation of northern Alaska, thawing has dropped the landscape as much as 3 feet in some places.May 14, 2016
14 May 2016 |